Born in NYC and raised in Israel, Einat Agmon now lives in Buffalo, NY. In 2003, she moved back to the US in order to study music and pursue a career in Vocal Jazz. Back then, jewelry making was a just hobby. But as her life unfolded, metalwork and jewelry design took center stage.

Einat first got her hands into jewelry as a child. As a teen, she was teaching jewelry and beading classes in Jerusalem, her hometown. When she moved to the US, her love for the craft inspired her to seek work with a local jewelry designer as a side job while in music school. They worked together for five years as Einat gained new skills, experiences and a distinct aesthetic. She was now ready to open her own design studio.

Einat has much passion for her craft. She uses recycled precious metals and eco-friendly products to create her jewels. Inspired by our natural world and her inner spirit which to her are one and the same, Einat finds beauty and translates it into jewelry. Her creative process is very free and organic which makes each of her pieces one of a kind. When asked about her inspiration she simply says, "I just do what I love and what moves me, both in my life and in my jewelry." Einat is very partial to blues and greens. Her favorite gemstones are Labradorite, Opal and Turquoise. Mixed metals and textures are also signature to her pieces that are often characterized by playful and balanced asymmetry.

Find her across the North East at some of the best art shows, meet her in person and see her latest works. Just send us your info on the contact page and we will add you to the mailing list. To shop locally for her collection, stop in at the beautiful artisan gallery Thin Ice on Elmwood Ave, in Buffalo, NY.